I’ve always liked Gagan’s musical expression in whatever he does. His passion and dedication is remarkable. I’ve had a great time working with him on a couple of projects.

Salim Merchant, Internationally Acclaimed, Award Winning Music Directors


“This dude is just oozing talent – and one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. Check him out, and please consider him for your own projects – he is a delight to work with and elevates content with his music.”

Lee Foster, Award Winning Canadian Film Director, Owner, Foster Films Canada


"Gagan is a bright light in the business. Not only a talented musician and composer, he is open, generous, collaborative, and always striving to learn and improve both as a creative spirit and as a person. Any team would be lucky to have him on board."

Adrian Ellis, Vice President, Screen Composers Guild of Canada


“I recently had the pleasure of hiring Gagan to produce two new tracks for our globally distributed library. Not only was his musicianship and compositional prowess absolutely world class, but his professionalism and responsiveness was second to none. I would highly recommend collaborating with Gagan on your next project!”

Craig McConnell, President, hard Music Design

Gagan Singh is undoubtedly one of the most talented musicians I have had the privilege of teaching. Whether working in the North Indian, Western Classical or Popular tradition, his compositions and improvisations are bursting with fresh ideas, which he develops with skill and confidence.”

Alexander Rapoport, Senior Professor of Music Composition, University of Toronto


“I have worked with Gagan Singh in my capacity as Associate Professor, Teaching Stream in the Music and Culture program at the University of Toronto Scarborough. I can attest to his creativity, passion, and dedication in music production and film score composition, as well as his commitment to generate opportunities for inclusive, team-driven projects. His vision and energy have allowed Gagan to attain critical success in his endeavours.”

Lynn Tucker, Associate Chair, Arts, Culture & Media, University of Toronto at Scarborough


“I was taken aback with the level of precision in his sound, and the way it brought my visuals to life.”

Ryan Wang, CEO, Mag-Z, Film Producer & Director

“I have known Gagan Singh for several years. He is an outstanding composer and musician, whose potential in the music world is phenomenal. As a composer and performer myself, I recognize in Gagan an ability to achieve greatness that far surpasses many. He is creative, passionate and extraordinarily capable.”

Gray Graffam, Director, TheHub at UTSC

“Over the years, Gagan Singh has become my musical brother. There is no end to his talent and what he brings to the production world is something very soulful and unique.”

Kesh K, U.K. Award Winning Recording & Performing Artist


“As a filmmaker, it’s hard to find a composer who can synergize their abilities to what I envision. Without Gagan’s score, my film would not have had the same impact that it did at its premiere. Gagan is professional, very knowledgeable, and easy to work with. When I need a music score done, I only make one phone call.”

Edward Boxler Canadian Filmmaker & Script-Writer